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3 Unique Characteristics Of Top Sellers

Although every sales representative has their own unique selling style and process, their mindsets are all very similar. With the right attitude, you can come out on top in some of the more seemingly impossible situations in business. Here are three of the unique skills that these top sellers all seem to possess:

A high level of curiosity: Even though they are considered to be at the top of their profession, the most successful salespeople all want to learn more about their market, customers, value propositions, etc. Their hunger for knowledge allows them to ask more thought-provoking questions, which helps them connect on a deeper level with the customers.

Paranoia: A high sales achiever does not count a deal as finalized until the check has been signed and cashed. They stay on top of the customer all the way through the process. This paranoia helps them to identify potential landmines to avoid, which allows them to properly deal with problems before they occur.

Not overly focused on being too personable: This does not mean they aren’t friendly at all, but just that it isn’t their main focus. Being overly friendly is not the key to sales, and being too concerned with building personal relationships, can cause difficulties challenging the customer’s thinking, getting them to move out of their comfort zone, and committing to purchasing your product or service.

The most successful and intelligent salespeople identify well with all three characteristics listed above. Being successful by any one person’s standard can be hard to measure, but by modeling yourself after the best, you can come closer to mimicking their results.

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