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3 Ways to Create Urgency In Your Sales

The most-skilled marketers emulate the same sense of urgency a customer feels when they are at a story and see the last box of their favorite cereal in the aisle. They achieve this by combining a variety of clever sales techniques that use approaches such as scarcity, the fear of missing out, playing on emotional appeal, and many more. The list is long, but we have identified three techniques you can start implementing today to motivate your clients with a sense of urgency:

Add a deadline to the end of your sale: With no time limit for buying a product, buyers might spend a lot of time evaluating different pros and cons of purchasing the product, checking competitor’s prices, and reading reviews; all are possible deterrents to your completing the sale. Include some sort of limited-time offer like a 15% discount if they buy right there in the store to make the customer feel like they are missing out if they pass on the offer now.

Use the fear of missing out to motivate them to buy: By telling the prospect you have limited stock left, you can use the fear of missing out to your advantage. A limited stock means that the product is in high demand, and customers will feel like they are getting an exclusive deal. This will make them want to buy before you run out.

Use words in your pitch that convey urgency: By using phrases like “You don’t want to miss out” or “This might be your last chance” in your sales pitches, you are constantly implanting in the buyer's mind that they may not have another chance to take advantage of this opportunity.

In conclusion, there are very few instances in which real or implied urgency won’t result in a conversion. So the next time you are in the field, remember to be smart about the way you do it but provide urgency without being overly pushy.

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