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3 Ways to Make Your Job Postings More Attractive to Top Candidates

Your job postings should be more than just a list of requirements for a position. Instead, they need to inspire candidates to take action, apply and truly believe that your posting stands out far and above the others. Here are three tips to help guarantee that your job posting stands out against the pack:

Understand what candidates you are searching for: One of the best ways to determine this is by categorizing candidates as either active or passive job seekers. Active seekers are those aggressively looking for a job and applying as often as they can, while passive seekers are ok with their current position, but will apply if they see an opening that entices them. You need to create a job posting that will stand out to the active candidates amongst the plethora of other postings, yet appeal to the passive candidates to the point where they actually want to apply.

Clearly define responsibilities and daily tasks: Make sure that the job description provides a detailed outline of exactly what the position entails and what skills are required to apply. List the specific projects candidates should have experience working with and make sure that the tasks are detailed, but not overly wordy.

Create a better opportunity: You need to convey to candidates that your role is better than similar roles that might carry the same title. Attraction is the key to finding the top candidates, so find what sets your business apart from the others and highlight that in the job description. Your goal is to get someone motivated to the point where they want to endure the process of applying and interviewing.

The main takeaway here is that just as hiring is a competitive process, so too is the process of searching for a job. A lot of times the best recruiting agencies overlook top talent, therefore by creating a great job ad, you can ensure that won’t happen to you.

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